Recruitment Procedure

Selection Procedure

We maintain a comprehensive database of details on candidates, employers and their adjustment. All details of candidates are registered along with their complete bio-data so that they can be contracted by employers with ease. A separate record is maintained which includes all terms and conditions. This assists us to maintain close co-ordination of the candidate evaluation process and employer satisfaction.

The AN-OI, which is confirmed, is submitted to the appropriate agency of the prospective country to enable the recruitment process to start. Apart from placing advertisements in newspapers, the assistance of registration centers is provided in all major cities in the prospective country with cooperation.

The recruitment centers of the three partner agencies in the prospective country then begin receiving the registration of prospective workers. The prospective is then informed of the process of recruitment to ensure that they understand its details and requirements.


Initially, once candidates are considered suitable to be recruited, the prospective country agents will begin the selection process based on candidates' qualification, capability and ability and the final selection will be made by the prospective employers in Malaysia.

Construction workers who successfully clear all interview stages are then placed at the Workers Training Centre in the prospective country where mental aptitude tests are conducted to ensure that they are well prepared for all tasks ahead. After clearing this test, they undergo the medical test.

Candidates who do not successfully clear this test are considered for the next step. Since they were deemed unsuccessful, they will not be considered for the final interview by representatives of employers from their respective countries.


Issuance of Demand Letter

All overseas employers should send their Demand Letter to the Asia Continental Group (BD) office stating the type and category of workers required, terms of services and benefit the employer will offer to workers they deem fit to contract. (Specimen of the Demand Letter is given in the Sample of the Demand letter.)


Visa Advice / NOC / Work permit

Documents granting permission from the appropriate authority of the country of employment for recruitment of Bangladesh workers in the form of Visa Advice / NOC / Work Permit must be sent to the Asia Continental Group (BD) office.


Power of Attorney

In the event of stamping of visa in Bangladesh for the selected workers, the employer may authorize Asia Continental Group (BD) as the Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney including the Demand Letter must be attested by the Labor Attaché or by any authorized officer of the Embassy/ Mission of Bangladesh located in the host country.

(Specimen of the Power of Attorney is given in the Sample of the Demand Letter).

Consular Letter

Specimen of Consular Letter will issue.

  • Employment Agreement / Contract :
    The employer may send their own Proforma of Employment agreement along with the Demand Letter, Visa / NOC / Work Permit and Power of Attorney which, however, should be consistent with the local recruitment & regulations and procedures of Bangladesh.
  • Ukraine Russia Immigration Formalities:
    Asia Continental Group (BD) will obtain necessary Recruitment Permission and Immigration Clearance from the Bureau of Manpower, Employment & Training (BMET) under Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Foreign & Employment for the workers prior to their departure.
  • Orientation Before Departure :
    Asia Continental Group (BD) shall provide basic orientation and pre-departure briefing to the workers before their departure. The Employer may also join at the orientation session. The workers are briefed about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and first hand information is provided on the religion and cultural values of the host country, weather, language and work-environment.