Selection Procedure

Selection Procedure

We maintain the registration database of workers along with their complete addresses (residential and permanent), identification card number, qualification and work experience, and hence, first preference will be given to candidates registered with us. This also helps meet the demand of workers at the earliest to facilitate employers' demand.

We undertake to assist representatives from Malaysian companies, who intend to visit the prospective country to view and assess the Manpower Recruitment System operations and Workers' Training Centers in the prospective country. Such visits would normally last five (5) days.

The process followed in such visits is as follows :

  • Briefing on selection of workers
  • Interview and aptitude test
  • A visit to the Workers' Training Centre
  • Meeting with representatives of government authorities of their respective countries who are directly involved in workers who are chosen by other overseas countries for employment.

Selection Job

Screening Procedure

As soon as we receive the application, the candidate is called for a personal round interview wherein his/her skills are assessed by our qualified and highly skilled H.R.D. executives. The candidate's professional competence, integrity, level of maturity, qualities, enthusiasm at every level, ambition and stability are assessed. If the candidate is graded A+ (accounts for 70% and above), evaluated sheets and scores are stored in our database.

Acid Test

Acid Test

After the candidate clears the personal round interview, he/she undergoes a Technical round Interview where a team of our Technical consultants evaluate his/her technical strength post which he/she is referred to the Trade Test Center after the final report is handed over by the Technical Consultants. If the candidate scored an A+ (accounts for 70% and above), then he/she is sent for the final round interview for the final Acid Test conducted by our H.R.D. Manager and Chief Technical consultant. If the candidate is deemed fit for a current opening then he/she is sent for processing of details which is then forwarded to the Data Bank. The candidate is given with a token code number for all future correspondences. All evaluation reports of interview and details of candidates are secured in our computerized database.

Data Bank

Data Bank

Trade tests are imperative, as it clearly reveals the inherent skills of candidates and also indicates the salary structure that he/she deserves in accordance to their skill set. This means that employers are able to hire the right candidate who best matches the job requirements.



Any overseas employer when hires an employee will not have access to the candidate's graph of integrity and loyalty. Hence, to ensure complete satisfaction of employers' investment, we follow strict practice to check the Track Reference of candidates once they are selected by our clients. The candidates are asked to produce their appointment letter and a copy of their last salary drawn slip which are collected and data stored by our R&D department. The Investigators from our Security and Intelligence Department then check all credentials by tracking all previous records of the prospective candidate with the emphasis on the candidate's character, nature of work, integrity, level of dedication, and the family background. Only after the information is checked and certified genuine by our investigators that the candidate undergoes a medical examination. This helps save time and money of our clients and also gives them the assurance of only quality candidates with a genuine and unblemished track record.


Calling Visa

After obtaining all documents, copy of passport, original copy of the medical test result and a photograph of the candidate from the agency of the prospective country, ASIA Continental Group (BD) with their joint venture partner will deal with the Malaysian Immigration Department to obtain the Calling Visa and necessary work permit.

This process usually takes two (2) weeks before the original copy is submitted to the Malaysian High Commission in the prospective country. Do note that the Calling Visa is the document necessary for a candidate to obtain a passport to be issued by their country's Immigration Department.

The Calling Visa is also the document, which will enable entry and subsequent employment in Malaysia.

Visa Formalities

Medical Examination & Visa Formalities

After the selection process is complete and successful, the candidate is sent for the medical checkup which is conducted by approved consulate doctors. After the candidate clears the medical tests round and the report comes out clean, he/she is deemed fit and reports are documented. The candidate's documents are sent for visa processing formalities. Our visa section includes all visa formalities and attesting of certificate. The candidate's passport is then submitted to the concerned consulate for visa endorsement.

Orientation Procedure

Orientation & Deployment Procedure

All candidates who successfully clear all interview rounds and tests are deployed within seven days from the date of visa endorsement. He/she has to report for departure 2 days before the travel date. On the first day, the candidate is made to attend an orientation session where the culture of the foreign country (where the candidate will be traveling to), work atmosphere and other necessary details are provided to enable the candidate to adjust quickly. The candidate is then introduced to our company representative who is responsible to ensure the foreign company & Employer identifies their candidate upon arrival at the airport. Along with the passport and air tickets, our company representative escorts the candidate to the airport for departure formalities. A fax of the details of deployment of candidate to the company is sent two days in advance.

Orientation Deployment
Other sourcing techniques adopted are as follows;

Which are some of the unique features of our organization?

  • Release of advertisement?
    Advertisements are released as per the instruction from the R&D department- that is after studying the client requirement and matching it with the available market research data. The exact location in India is targeted where manpower strength is high to the category and the newspaper is selected with a substantial readership. The advertisement is designed in such a manner that it strongly attracts the target audience.
  • Word of mouth advocacy
    Word of mouth is a very old practice which in English is called "News spreading." Our staff works hard to get the news out of requirement of good candidates by our overseas clients. The good word spreads like fire thereby informing people of the details of interview and job requirements.
  • Distribution of pamphlets.
    Small paper cut-outs are distributed to the target audience in the most appropriate way. If our clients require a candidate at a senior level or category in the finance sector, our R&D department provides us data about the availability of candidates and their skill sets with the certified track reference check details. The best possible way to bring to their notice about the requirement is to have these pamphlets inserted between the personal newspaper pages. These pamphlets are also circulated to the target companies where the manpower requirement is readily available. This brings to notice that there is an interview for a certain requirement.
  • Forwarding letters to various companies.
    The R&D department provides us with the data where the targeted manpower companies are located. All the companies are then sent a letter about the interview schedule in an invitation format containing details about the company & country in which the candidates will be hired in, if selected. This builds confidence and trust in candidates which also makes them feel at ease with our consultants. In most cases, candidates receive a positive result after contacting our office.

All of the aforementioned features help to source the right candidate, even if he/she has missed out our previous sourcing needs.