Various Training Modules

It is a competitive world out there and survival of the fittest is no more a statement but reality. There is an imperative need of the hour to focus on developing one's soft skills and sharpen technical knowledge. These skills allow students, who are aspiring professionals, to apply what they have learnt to an established level and measure their success. While technical skills are more practical based and measurable, soft skill is sociological and subjective as it focuses on an individual's Emotional Quotient. Under this, personal attributes are sharpened to enhance an individual's communication, networking and social skills that lead to better career prospects. Be it in person or via correspondence or telephonic, students adept at soft skills will have a better advantage of achieving individual and organizational goals marking their success in any domain. The dire need of incorporating soft skills trainings in a student's curriculum is imperative to ensure enviable job placement opportunities.

Lack of competence in soft skills marks as one of the main reasons of poor employability rate of technical and non-technical graduates. To this effect, the various training modules designed by ASIA Continental Group (BD) covers all aspects of Soft Skills Training and Personality Development, along with Technical Training as mentioned in our 'Service' Section of the website.

Soft Skills and Personality Development Training Module Include:

  • Behavioral Skills, Personal Growth And Development, Efficient Functioning, Strengths And Weaknesses Identification, Psychological Tests, Aptitude And Personality Assessments, Improvement Suggestions, Team Building And Leadership Skills, Group Discussions, Evolution Of Groups Into Teams, Group Dynamics, Emergence Of Leadership, Intra-Group Dynamics, Inter-Group Dynamics, Conflict Management, Inter-Dependency, Assessment Of Team-Based Projects, Time Management, Interpersonal Skills, Negotiation Skills, Listening Skills, Social Skills, Assertive Skills, Cross-Cultural Communications, Business Development, Leadership Skills, Telephone Etiquette and Call Handling Techniques, Personality Management, Presentation skills, Interview Techniques, Body Language, Planning and Conducting Seminars, and Self-Awareness Programs.

English Language Training includes:

  • Grammar, Structure and useful word substitution, Pronunciations, Spelling, Articulation, Basic Listening, Reading and Writing skills.

Training Sessions

The teaching sessions offered by ASIA Continental Group (BD) include lectures, role plays, projects, quizzes, group discussions and various other interactive sessions with the emphasis on learning through practical application.

Each Training session is designed to be highly interactive, so that students instill in-depth know-how of these skills and attributes with gradual progression through the duration of the program. The objective of these training sessions is to internalize students with soft skills – this ensures that all attributes are imbibed in a way that they become second nature. Subtle changes assist in improved behavioral attributes and positive outlook, resulting in enhanced confidence and self-assurance. Behavioral changes need to be natural, genuine, gradual and positive.

The prime objectives of soft skills training session for students offered by ASIA Continental Group (BD) is to:

  • Improve communication skills and presentation skills.
  • Get students to conduct effective business proposals, create correspondences and reports
  • Enhance self-confidence
  • Master inter-personal, leadership and team management capabilities.
  • All-round personality development
  • Improve maturity, outlook and decision making
  • Function effectively under varied circumstances.

Personality development Training includes:
  • Business communication – Covers Communications skills and enhance language fluency, English verbal and written skills, debates, situational discussions, essay writing, précis writing, and presentations.
  • Behavioral Skills
  • Group Discussion and Personal Interview

Other important Training Sessions include:
  • SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
  • GRE (Graduate Record Examination)
  • GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test)
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • ITPC (Training in International Test Preparation Courses)

Students Counseling

Student Counseling and Career guidance are effective tools to combat social segregation. They upgrade inherent skills and increase employability factor. The process is an active one to ensure a student has higher chances of being chosen for a wide range of existing career options over others.

ASIA Continental Group (BD) assists students to:

  • Choose the right educational Institute and program
  • Familiarize with personalized interests
  • Upgrade skills and abilities
  • Explore possibilities and career options in their specialized niche
  • Understand their earning potential
  • Understand job positions demands deliverables and responsibilities
  • Search for ideal career choice
  • Discuss options with career counselor

Guidance In Selection Of The Right Career

Searching for, and navigating through a wide assortment of career options, can be overwhelming for a student. Hence, for career directional guidance to choosing a professional journey that is conducive to your career choice, don't hesitate to turn to us - ASIA Continental Group (BD) provides guidance at every stage of your career search from assistance in selecting a profession, enviable position, or helping you reevaluate a career option previously chosen or planning for a future profession (not yet chosen). We have resources designed to assist students to lead a fulfilling career and professional life.

We help facilitate a student's Career Planning and Development by identifying their interests, skills, and qualification. We give comprehensive support to guide students to make informed and wise academic decisions that fits their career goals. Be it direct interviews with the representatives of a university or providing a student with complete unbiased information on an assortment of study/course options available, we are there to guide a student through and through. For us, it is important that we deliver what we promise to students.

  • Country Selection – We assist in providing information about courses offered, fee, scholarship, duration, part-time/post-study work permits, and expenses of the chosen university, and pre-requisites for permanent residency after job confirmation.

  • University and Course Selection – be it business, administration, engineering, arts, commerce, economics, etc., there are multiple course options available to students. We assist students to understand all modules covered in these courses and to choose one that works in line with their career objective. This way, students are given the precise career-focused set of study options based on their preference and expectations. You can leave the tough task of choosing the right university/college and course structure to us.

  • Assistance in Admission Process – to get enrolled in any university, a student's documents need to be genuine and complete and the job application needs to be well written and proof-read. We offer application assistance service that assist students to write a winning admission application proposal which increases their probabilities of acceptance.

  • Assistance in Relocation – we offer students with pre-departure briefing to help them settle with ease and comfortably in an international country. We assist in making arrangements for their travel needs, stay, foreign currency, telecom services and other necessities. We also let new students interact with other students already enrolled and/or studying at the same university.

Major emphasis is given to personal and technical qualities of the workforce and training courses are designed in a manner as to ensure high quality of work and yield of productivity.

Visa Assistance

Student Visa Assistance

ASIA Continental Group (BD) offers student visa application assistance, which is a complex process and requires adhering to policies and procedure in accordance with the respective country's requirements where a student will be studying at. Our highly trained and experienced team will guide a student in assembling all necessary documents that are needed, help prepare them for a personal round interview and to write a successful application letter. We believe in presenting the profile of a student in the best possible way to ensure success in a visa application. We strive to achieve this with every student who chooses us and our services.