Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions of Recruitment

Here is a list of the following Terms and Conditions for Employment of overseas workers at the prospective country:

  • WORKING HOURS: Eight (8) hours a day or forty eight (48) hours a week of six (6) days should be your minimum productive hours.
  • BASIC SALARY PER MONTH: Depends on the candidate's skill set (The expected salary for General / Semi-Skilled / Skilled and Professionals is attached herewith, for reference.)
  • OVERTIME: As per the provision of Labor Law of Malaysia.
  • MEDICAL FACILITY: Free (provided by the Employer.)
  • ACCOMMODATION: Free (proper accommodation is provided by the Employer with necessary kitchen utensils, etc.)
  • PERIOD OF CONTRACT: Two (2) years (is extendible for a year further.)
  • EPF, SOCSO: There is no EPF, SOCSO for overseas workers/employees.
  • FOOD: Worker account.
  • TRANSPORTATION: Free (provided/paid by the Employer.)
  • BONUS / LEAVE: As per Labor Law of Malaysia.
  • AIR TICKET: Air ticket and other expenses from the country of origin to Malaysia will be borne by the employee. Air ticket from Malaysia to his/her native country will be provided by the employer on completion of a 2-year contract. If the employee intends to return to his/her country (or) terminates the employment contract in the interim contract period, he/she will have to bear his/her own travel and other expenses.
  • DEPARTURE OF WORKER: Four (4) weeks from the receipt of the Calling Visa from the Immigration Department and submission of other relevant documents by the employer.