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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Recruitment

Here is a list of the following Terms and Conditions for Employment of overseas workers at the prospective country:

1. WORKING HOURS: Eight (8) hours a day or forty eight (48) hours a week of six (6) days should be your minimum productive hours.
2. BASIC SALARY PER MONTH: Depends on the candidate's skill set (The expected salary for General / Semi-Skilled / Skilled and Professionals is attached herewith, for reference.)
3. OVERTIME: As per the provision of Labor Law of Malaysia.
4. MEDICAL FACILITY: Free (provided by the Employer.)
5. ACCOMMODATION: Free (proper accommodation is provided by the Employer with necessary kitchen utensils, etc.)
6. PERIOD OF CONTRACT: Two (2) years (is extendible for a year further.)
7. EPF, SOCSO: There is no EPF, SOCSO for overseas workers/employees.
8. FOOD: Worker account.
9. TRANSPORTATION: Free (provided/paid by the Employer.)
10. BONUS / LEAVE: As per Labor Law of Malaysia.
11. AIR TICKET: Air ticket and other expenses from the country of origin to Malaysia will be borne by the employee. Air ticket from Malaysia to his/her native country will be provided by the employer on completion of a 2-year contract. If the employee intends to return to his/her country (or) terminates the employment contract in the interim contract period, he/she will have to bear his/her own travel and other expenses.
12. DEPARTURE OF WORKER: Four (4) weeks from the receipt of the Calling Visa from the Immigration Department and submission of other relevant documents by the employer.

All of the above Terms and Conditions of Recruitment are negotiable.