Candidate Profiling

We maintain a registered database of all workers containing their details – addresses, identification card number, qualification, and work experience.These registered candidates are the ones who will be given the first preference. We, thus, are privileged to meet the demand of workers at the earliest to facilitate the demand of employers for vacancy fulfilment. We provide. At this stage, workers are provided a briefing on selection procedure, Interview and aptitude test, meeting with representatives of government authorities of their respective countries who are directly involved in sending workers to foreign countries, visit the workers training center.


The profiles of suitable candidates are submitted to the appropriate agency in the prospective country so that the recruitment process can start. Once the candidate is deemed suitable to be recruited, the agent of the prospective country begins the selection based on the candidate’s qualification, capability, and ability. The final selection is done by the prospective employers in Malaysia. Upon the success of the interview round, the candidates are sent to the Workers Training Centre in prospective country wherein mental aptitude tests are conducted to check and assess the preparation level of candidates for the task ahead. After the candidate clears this test, they undergo a medical examination.
If the candidates fail preliminary steps, they will not be considered for the next step, which is the final interview by representatives of employers from the host country.


We dispatch representatives from ASIA Continental Group (BD) along with the employer concerned at the KLIA International Airport or assigned destination to make necessary arrangements for the entry of workers with the Immigration Department and attend to related matters. Usually, the Immigration formalities take four to five hours before the work permit is issued.

Document check

We ensure that our candidates possess proper documentation and fulfill emigration requirements. We make sure they have insurance coverage and manage matters of workers’ behavior, matters related to the Immigration Department, co-ordination in payment of remittances through legal channel, co-ordinating workers’ welfare, arrangements for worker’s return, if and when necessary, motivation lessons to enhance the confidence level during the contractual period.

Medical check-up

To be in compliance with the regulations set by the host-country’s Governments, all candidates are brought directly to undergo a medical diagnosis, health check-up and X-Ray scan. These check-ups help find potential health issues which candidates may potentially encounter later in work stages. Detection helps prevent complications the prospective medical condition can infuse in the employment contract by affecting concerned employee’s productivity.


All candidates possess proper documentation and are cleared medically as per their respective job categories assemble at the Workers Training Center for the final interview by the prospective employers. Usually, each employer interviews between 150 to 200 candidates daily. A briefing pertaining to wages, allowances and other perks are given to ensure that all candidates fully understand what is being offered and

Calling Visa Formalities

After obtaining all documents, a copy of passport, original copy of the medical test result and a photograph of the candidate from the agency of the prospective country, Asia Continental Group (BD) with their joint venture partner will deal with the Malaysian Immigration Department to obtain the Calling Visa and necessary work permit.

This process usually takes two weeks before the original copy is submitted to the Malaysian High Commission in the prospective country. Obtaining calling Visa is essential for a candidate to obtain a passport to be issued by their country’s Immigration Department. The Calling Visa is also the document, which will enable entry and subsequent employment in Malaysia.


We, as part of our services, also impart language training for spoken English and Arabic. Our training programs are designed in a way that improves and enhances the knowledge and soft-skill set of employees. It boosts the performance of applying candidates and helps them to meet career objectives. Our industrial training program improves candidates’ awareness of a single particular technology. It helps in increasing self-confidence and identifying their own proficiency.

We also offer trade and vocational courses and training for specific technical and industrial skills: production operator for the manufacturing sector, rod binder, gar-mentor, mason, painter, pipe fitter, electrical, carpenter, tile fitter, welder, plumber, block laying. We provide orientation courses as per social, environmental, and legal requirements of the country of employment for all the trainees before their departure.