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An Illustrative description of remuneration and amenities for workers from Bangladesh (semi-skilled or skilled) who aspire to work in Romania

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Working in Europe is quite a lucrative proposition especially for workers from South-Asian sub-continent as the conversion rates are quite favourable. Since Europe is a highly congested developed conglomerate with lack of manpower resources, it attracts a lot of pool from the human resource rich countries of Bangladesh and other to meet its demand by offering handsome salaries & attractive benefits.

 The page here lists some of the eligibilities which the aspiring candidate shall fulfil and mentions the job specifications as salary structure and working hours specified:

Age Criteria:

Age of the workers shall fall well within the bracket of 25-27 years and that ought to be verified by passport and other documentation held by the candidate. Worker can continue the employment till the age of 55 years subject to his working efficiency and calibre upon reaching that age.

Working Duration:

Per Month 26 days
Per Week 06 days
Per Day 08 Hours

Salary structure for first two years:

1 Day$17.18
1 Week$137.50
1 Month$550
1 Year (12 months)$6,600
2 Years (24 months)$13,200*88=11,61,600 BDT

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