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Asia Continental Group (BD) RL-523: Best Recruiting Agency for Foreign Employment in Bangladesh When it comes to international employment, finding a reputable recruiting agency is paramount. In Bangladesh, where the desire for foreign employment is high, the Asia Continental Group (BD) RL-523 stands as a beacon of reliability and excellence. With a track record of […]


Asia Continental Group (BD) Best Manpower Recruiting Agency in Bangladesh In the dynamic landscape of international employment. Where skilled labor meets global demand, Asia Continental Group (BD) has stood as a beacon of excellence, for 32 years. This respected agency is on top of connecting talented individuals with lucrative opportunities worldwide. It is a government […]


Asia Continental Group (BD): Largest manpower organization with 32 years of experience. Asia Continental Group (BD) is ranked as the country’s leading agency in manpower recruitment. Boasting of a huge manpower dispatch experience spanning more than three decades. With a strong commitment to connect Bangladesh’s skilled professionals with overseas employment opportunities, the company has earned […]